Businesses are using digital trainingEmployers are increasingly favouring digital methods of training in the workplace, a new survey has found.

The poll, conducted by Video Arts, revealed that businesses are changing the way they provide staff with opportunities to learn and develop, with an increased use of in-house training and digital video.

Indeed, 81 per cent of the groups polled now provide in-house training, 84 per cent offer full-day training courses, 69 per cent give coaching, 58 per cent use digital video clips and 50 per cent provide e-learning or an interactive self-study course.

Looking to the future, 54 per cent of respondents hope to provide more in-house training, while 38 per cent are set to increase their use of online video streaming.

Martin Addison, managing director of Video Arts, said: "Digital video and e-learning are growth areas because they are seen as engaging and they make learning available anytime and anywhere. E-learning in particular is enjoying a resurgence of interest."

The Health and Safety Executive recently recommended that training be offered to get more employees taking a proactive approach to health and safety in the workplace.