A Court of Appeal has issued a ruling which states that workplace taunts need not necessarily be true to be deemed discriminatory.

The case of Stephen English v Thomas Sanderson centered on the married Mr English whose colleagues accused him of being gay.

Jeremy Consitt, employment solicitor at Dolmans law firm, has suggested that the outcome of the case could have far reaching consequences for companies going forwards.

Mr Consitt explained that the case was unusual because "there was no perceived issue on his sexuality" as Mr English was not gay and his colleagues were aware of this fact.

Commenting on the case, Mr Consitt said: "This is the first case on this issue and could affect how colleagues interact with each other in the future.

"The judgment will affect all areas of discrimination and has really opened up many potential situations because people do make jibes in the workplace from time to time."

He went on to explain that some employers will react to the news by becoming "ultra politically-correct" while others will take a more measured approach.

A recent survey by online recruitment company Hirescores.com revealed that 73 per cent of Britons have been the victim of workplace bullying.