Many employees at UK firms who suffer from mental health issues may still be subject to a stigma in the workplace, despite employment law that makes this discrimination illegal.

This is according to Dan Robotham, senior researcher at the Mental Health Foundation, who stated that legislation passed as part of the Disability Discrimination Act places the responsibility on employers to ensure they treat all their staff members fairly.

Mr Robotham said: “This is a fundamental issue about the right to a decent quality of life,” although he added “there have been some significant positive developments since 2006”.

It is important employers also recognise that any action they take should not be “tokenistic box ticking”, the expert continued, as these individuals will need an appropriate level of training and support in the workplace.

Last month, a disabled former policeman who was injured in the line of duty was awarded £13,000 in compensation after a court ruled his bosses had not offered him adequate support to help him return to work.