Work and families are leaving people feeling under pressure, it has been claimedPeople who give themselves too much responsibility are more likely to suffer from stress, it has been said.

The International Stress Management Association UK (ISMAUK) claimed that many people’s jobs and family obligations mean that they are kept busy and constantly dealing with problems.

"Stress is the result of too much pressure and many people have lots of pressures which come from themselves, others and events over which they have or appear to have little control," said Ann McCracken, chair of ISMAUK.

She added that people should try to be more flexible with both their work and families, reassessing what is best for them and cutting down on the tasks that are not so important.

Recent figures from the Philips Health & Well-being Index showed that 93 per cent of people in the UK believe their relationship with family and friends is important to their state of mind, while 58 per cent blamed a partner for their stress levels.

Posted by Ross George