The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is preparing to update its enforcement guide on the national minimum wage (NMW) after research revealed there are 1.5 million employees who are not receiving the correct level of pay.

According to the TUC, the Enforcing the National Minimum Wage guide will help unions and advice agencies to search out rogue employers.

The guide suggests that sometimes an employer will start paying the NMW if it is brought to their attention that they are currently failing to do so. The TUC does concede that in other cases HM Revenue and Customs has to be brought in.

Commenting on the guide, Brendan Barber, TUC general secretary, said: “There must be no hiding place for rogue bosses. Our guide aims to make it easier for unions and advice agencies to root them out and ensure everyone gets the wage to which they are legally entitled.’

The Low Pay Commission has announced that it will not make its recommendation on this year’s rise on NMW until the beginning of May, although it had been due to make the decision in February.