Employment laws will be one in, one out, according to ClarkeThe shadow business secretary for the Conservatives has announced plans to implement a ‘one in, one out’ policy for rules dictating employment law.

Speaking at the ongoing Conservative party conference, Ken Clarke announced that should the party get in at the next general election, it would not set any red tape without first making a compensatory cut in costs elsewhere.

“The excessive regulation that businesses – and the great public services – face, has to be swept away,” he added.

Such changes would be enforced by a new “star council”, which would work to make sure new employment law was well balanced against the scrapping of any existing regulations.

Another area of employment law which could be set to change under the Conservatives is the mandatory age of retirement.

The party announced this week it plans to increase the retirement age for men to 66 by 2016, while women will see the mandatory limit increased by 2020.  See story here.