Three NHS workers have launched an employment tribunal An NHS nurse who complained that one of her colleagues “misrepresented” his training was threatened with having her house burnt down if she did not withdraw her complaint, an employment tribunal has heard.

Jenny Fecitt, was employed at an NHS walk-in centre in Wythenshawe, south Manchester, when she told bosses she did not believe Daniel Swift should be working with adult patients.

However, she alleges her concerns were ignored by her bosses and she later experienced “character assassination”.

Following this, Ms Fecitt received a phone call in which she was threatened with having her property destroyed.

“The substance of the call was if I did not drop the case against Daniel Swift that our house would be burnt down,” she said.

Ms Fecitt and her colleagues Annie Woodcock and Felicity Hughes have now launched the employment tribunal against NHS Manchester, claiming they were all victimised for complaining about Mr Swift.

Earlier in the week it was reported that Shirley Chaplin, a nurse at Royal Devon & Exeter Trust, is to launch an employment tribunal after alleging she was asked by her employers to remove a necklace featuring a Christian cross.