Pat McFadden has announced changes for agency workersThe government has unveiled plans aimed at making workplaces across the country offer a fairer deal to their employees from recruitment agencies, it has been revealed.

Among the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ proposals are plans to entitle such workers to equal treatment on basic working and employment conditions – which includes pay and holiday entitlement – after 12 weeks on the job in a similar way to if they had been hired directly by their employers.

Furthermore, new and expectant mothers who are members of recruitment agencies are to be given the right to reasonable time off in which to attend ante-natal classes, along with adjustments to working conditions and hours.

Business minister Pat McFadden (pictured) said: "The law will come into force in the UK in October 2011, giving recruiters and their clients time to prepare and plan."

At the recent Conservative party conference, shadow business secretary Ken Clarke announced that should the party be successful at the general election, it will introduce a one in, one out system for employment law.

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