Mums want flexibilityThe majority of working mothers have admitted that flexibility is the most important goal in their careers, a new poll has found, which could help to promote retention in the workplace.

According to the survey by WorkingMums group, 79 per cent of mothers said flexible working was the top priority for their careers.

And 54 per cent of women with children said they would accept a less well paid job in return for flexibility.

Meanwhile, a full-time job with flexible hours was the ideal situation for 85 per cent of respondents, with home working being regarded as ideal by 54 per cent.

Just under a third considered extended maternity pay a sign of a family-friendly employer.

Commenting on the findings, Debbie Bird, editor of, said she believed employers were recognising the importance of flexibility that working mums bring to the office.

"Employers need to remember that actions they take now that affect their employees will be remembered and when better times return the employer that has fairly and respectfully treated its workforce will keep the best staff," she added.