Unemployed Britons may be losing out to migrant workersAn influx of migrant workers has had an effect on the wages of the UK’s lowest paid workers, a new report has revealed.

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, over the past six years, some 1.5 million eastern Europeans have arrived in the UK, with the report, written by the Migration Policy Institute, suggesting their economic contributing has been positive.

However, it added: “The recent migration may have reduced wages slightly at the bottom end of the labour market, especially for certain groups of vulnerable workers.”

Furthermore, a “low-skill equilibrium” within the most economically depressed areas of the UK could also be contributed to by migrant workers, as they frequently cost less to employ but are seen as hard working.

In addition to competing for the same jobs as Britons, as migrant workers are typically paid less, the report suggested they could be at risk of exploitation.

It was recently announced that skilled Tier 2 migrant workers must now apply for an ID card when they extend their Visas.

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