A new survey by Officebroker.com has revealed that one in three females prefer a male boss.

The survey of 800 women found that 35% prefer to work for a male manager, while 59% said they had no preference either way.

Of the respondents however, only 6% stated that they would prefer to work for a female manger.

In regards to reasons for preferring a male boss, respondents cited less office politics, more relaxed working conditions and an improved focus on goals and objectives as the major factors.

Despite the survey indicating there is a preference to work for males bosses, 85% of the women polled said that they would like to be in a management role during their career.

The poll also showed that 27% would prefer a manager approximately the same age as them, while only 9% would be happy to work for a manager younger than them.

Commenting on the figures, a spokesperson for officebroker.com said:

“It is very interesting to find that women would rather have a male boss given the choice. A staggeringly small amount of women said they would prefer a female boss, which is a particularly interesting finding.

“An increasing number of women are holding senior positions in companies, so the impact this will have on office dynamics is going to be a fascinating phenomenon to observe in future.”