McDonalds is urging businesses to hire older workersMcDonalds has urged other businesses to recruit older workers, in news which could reduce age discrimination.

The fast-food chain has claimed that older employees can increase customer satisfaction and were found to do so in the eateries.

A study carried out by Lancaster University Management School revealed that where kitchen staff and managers in McDonalds’ branches were over the age of 60, consumer satisfaction levels increased by 20 per cent.

Furthermore, younger members of staff were found to respond more positively to their senior colleagues.

And while 69 per cent of McDonalds management felt older workers connected better with customers, 44 per cent believed they could provide skills in mentoring.

Speaking to the Telegraph, David Fairhurst, McDonalds’ chief people officer in the UK, said: “Having a 20 per cent increase in customer satisfaction levels, that translates into sales and profits and that is significant.”

However, Rachel Krys, director for the Employers Forum on Age, recently suggested that workers who are made redundant at 50 or over have a “much lower” chance of finding a new job than their younger counterparts.