Is racial discrimination over?Ten years after the Macpherson Report into the death of Stephen Lawrence was published, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has asserted that the UK has now reached a “defining moment” in its battle against racial discrimination.

Speaking at the TUC conference this week, deputy general secretary of the group Frances O’Grady said that while progress has been made in the fight for racial equality, “huge challenges” still remain.

Indeed, she added that while the US has voted in its first black president, in the UK things appear to be moving “backwards not forwards”.

“The public debate about immigration remains dominated by shameless myths peddled about migrant workers, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities generally. Sometimes our politicians seem all too willing to tap into this populist sentiment and frankly, talk about ‘British jobs for British workers’ hasn’t helped,” Ms O’Grady asserted.

And while the UK still has a long way to go, she noted that the government deserved “real credit” for the commitment it has shown to advancing race equality.

A recent report by the Department for Work and Pensions revealed that racial discrimination is still apparent when it comes to recruitment, meaning new legislation could be required.