Are autistic workers discriminated against?Britons with autism could be facing discrimination, as a charity warns that they are facing financial difficulties due to the benefits system and a lack of employment opportunities.

The National Autistic Society is now urging that more needs to be done to help such people find employment.

In line with this, the charity has launched its Don’t Write Me Off campaign, revealing that although most of the 30,000 adults living with autism in the UK would like to find work, only 15 per cent have secured employment on a full-time basis.

This has left many such individuals reliant on the financial support of friends and family members.

Chief executive of the charity Mark Lever said: "It is absolutely vital [people with autism] are able to access the right help and services if seeking employment and are supported financially when they cannot work," the BBC states.

Commenting on the news, the Guardian reports that Robyn Steward, who has Asperger’s syndrome, has struggled in employment due to the attitudes of co-workers and she even experienced bullying, an issue the newspaper noted she was not alone with.

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