The concept of retirement has become outdatedThe concept of retirement in the UK is outdated and does not reflect the way that Britons live their lives today, one sector commentator has claimed, in news which may interest HR staff looking to avoid age discrimination.

Rachel Krys, campaign director of The Employers Forum on Age, said the group believed the country was on the verge of a “major shake-up” in the way people are managed as the population ages.

“Many people make a good contribution at work and only short-sighted organisations would risk removing talented people just because a milestone birthday is approaching,” she added.

Ms Krys went on to note that that many small to medium-sized businesses had taken the view that there are no insurmountable barriers to removing retirement ages.

Her comments come as Research from Lancaster University Management School found that customer satisfaction was 20 per cent higher in branches of McDonalds that employ staff over the age of 60.