HR urged to ‘change tack’ when designing leadership development programmes.

Millennials are more demanding on managers’ time and need more support in the workplace than any other generation, according to a survey conducted by Cascade HR.

When 1000 bosses were asked which of their workforce required most guidance in the workplace, 63 percent admitted millennials were more difficult to manage than any other generation of workers.

The survey showed that 48 percent of managers felt millennial employees were most reliant on detailed targets, and needed regular progress meetings to stay motivated.

Millennials were also cited as the generation most incentivised by reward and praise, and nearly 90 percent also agreed millennials were highly career driven.

Over half of bosses said it was difficult to find and retain millennial workers because they expected more from their employers.


Rob Noble, chief executive of The Leadership Trust, said: “The further you go back in the generations there was more of a belief that a job was for life, the pension scheme was going to deliver when you retired, your network was in that workforce. Now, if people don’t feel the organisation is going to deliver what they are looking for, they are much more mobile.

“Millennials are more vociferous. People are much more networked today and will compare and contrast organisations. Millennials, in particular, are used to checking the data, looking at the stock exchange to see how their company is performing, and looking at the top 200 companies and seeing how their [own company] matches up,” he added.






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