The scene today after a terrorist attack at the airport in Brussels

The scene today after a terrorist attack at the airport in Brussels

The terrorist attacks today on the transport infrastructure in Brussels are a sad reminder that there are still risks to face when traveling to major global cities. The threat from terrorism, as today’s upsetting images from the Belgian capital prove, is real and not going away any time soon.

Brussels, home to the European Union and many corporate headquarters, is also a major hub for corporate travelers flying to and from global financial centres. So, how should business travelers react and what measures should companies sending their employees abroad take to ensure their staff remain safe?

Here’s some advice from Anvil’s head of political risk and analysis, Joe Frederick, for those traveling abroad for work and the businesses that send them. Anvil provide travel risk management advice to firms who send their employees abroad for business.

  • Stay well-informed of the security environment and the threats, both current and future, and maintain heightened awareness
  • Monitor local media or use an intelligence alert service to keep apprised of any regional and local developments that may impact travel and operations
  • Maintain high levels of situational awareness and stay away from all suspicious objects, vehicles and persons. Report these to the respective authorities
  • When travelling, do not leave luggage unattended
  • Learn where emergency exits are located in buildings you frequent.  Plan in advance how to get out of a building, subway, congested public area or traffic
  • Establish and practice communication protocols with your crisis management team and operational hosts
  • Contact numbers for the appropriate embassy or consulate should be carried, and in the event of an incident, travellers should check-in both work and with the appropriate government
  • During off-duty periods, employees are advised to maintain the same level of situational awareness and risk mitigation protocols
  • Heed the advice and directives of Police officers and other security personnel





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