I was delighted to see that the government has appointed Jane Wilson, the current chair of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations to its Employee Engagement Taskforce, which I wrote about last month (CIPR).

I’ve been struck by how much I see in the HR consultancy world on employee engagement as well as in the HR software space – but much less in the communications sector.

I would say this of course but it seems to me that employee engagement is more about communications than anyone else.

Though my good friend Adam Poole reminded me recently that the word ‘engage’ can also be used in a more aggressive sense – as to engage in battle, a very different type of connection which usually happens when communication is at an end.

I think the advantage of involving someone like Wilson in creating best practice guidance on employee engagement is not only in her access to the best insight on the use of internal communications, but also, of the internal communications practices and strengths of the very wide range of businesses in which CIPR members work.

I am looking forward to seeing the results of this Taskforce – watch this space!





Deborah Lewis: PR and engagement expert

Deborah’s 20 year career has been focused on helping businesses with complex messages, often operating in challenging and commoditised sectors. From tissues to chocolate, from software engineering to change management consulting, Deborah’s skill lies in assisting management in identifying the right voice for the business and defining strong and compelling stories which will resonate across audiences.

An entrepreneur, Deborah set up a PR consultancy in 2007 which became one of the largest corporate and business to business independents in the UK, with a reputation for high quality and customer care, and achieving results where other agencies had failed.