More tips to help ensure your formal investigations of harassment, bullying and discrimination are sound and effective.

Select impartial investigators

An investigation should not be carried out by anyone who is involved in the allegation, such as line managers or HR staff who might have to be witnesses. It is preferable that the investigators are sourced from different sections of the organisation and, if this is not possible, external investigators should be found.

Where practical, the background of one of the investigators (i.e. their race, gender, etc.) should reflect that of the complainant and respondent (that is, the person who has been complained about and thus needs to respond to the allegations).

If complaints involve very senior staff or members of the Human Resources department, it is recommended that external investigators are sought. This will ensure that all parties have faith in the impartiality of the investigation and believe that the junior member of staff will be treated fairly.

Beware of Opinions

The investigation should concentrate on establishing the facts. These include dates, events, reactions to situations and feelings. All these are facts.

However, at no time during the process should the investigators discuss or reveal their own personal thoughts, feelings or beliefs. For this reason, leading questions should be avoided. The investigators should not agree or disagree with any of the statements made during the interview. They should merely note down what the interviewee states and keep their opinions to themselves!

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Jean Kelly, MD, Jean Kelly Consultancy

Jean Kelly is an experienced specialist in combating harassment and bullying at work. Her company investigates, trains and consults on all issues relating to conflict at work.

Jean offers a conciliation coaching service to informally resolve workplace disputes and she has produced a range of products and open programmes to help managers develop their people management skills.